Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Treasure Hunt is on!

The Treasure Hunt has begun me matey's 

Visit the Treasure Hunt page  to sign up to receive a daily hunt email and to read all the prizes on offer, a range of discounts available and all the participating stores. It is also at this link you will find each set of clues, beginning at 8pm each night. The first Treasure Hunt begins at 8pm (Melbourne time) on the 1st of December.

This year also find the The Great Coin Search which begins on the morning of 1st of December. Read below for more details!

Please note that to receive the daily emails here-after you must sign up to receive them on the Treasure Hunt page.
Ahoy my Shopolaters!

The time has come the pirate said to think of many things,
Like where to find some clues and coins and all that this hunt brings!
Ahoy, stay tuned, sign up to receive your email every day
And for $1400 plus in prizes I'm sure that you will join to play!
This hunt is a tad different as we give more clues away

Pirate Coin
Pirate Coin
Pirate Coin
Pirate Coin
Pirate Coin
Pirate Coin
Hidden 'somewhere' amongst the 30 participating stores, are 18 coins, all at a different store. If you can find all 18 locations, you could be up to win one of 3 x $50 prizes from the Treasure Hunt prize pool. The first three entries with the most correct locations, will be deemed the winners of the Treasure. There will be no clues! The coin search will continue for the duration of the hunt and winners will be announced during the week after the hunt.  Where to start? View the stores participating in the Treasure Hunt and start hunting!

The Great Coin Search 


Discount Offers During the Hunt: 25% off all Preloved with the code 'TreasureHunt' valid until 31st of December you can find the special discounted item by clicking here free shipping for all orders over $50 – code is 'shopolat' (valid Dec 2010) free photo frame sticker with every book purchased during the Treasure Hunt.

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  1. Thanks Mel - I am enjoying the hunt just like you - from the sidelines. But isn't it fun! ~ Christine