Wednesday, July 28, 2010

More hours in the day

Has anyone found anymore hours in their day - I only need about another 7 or 8 to keep on top of things to do and I think if I got of Facebook I might be doing a little more productive work and probably even save some money.

I just keep buying things - including todays find La di da Kids - Coope has some more bibs to add to his collection - he now has more bibs than shoes so that is not too bad.

Well off the get a cup of tea
Night all

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

My first time

So be gentle I am new to blogging!

It is so late yet there is always so much to do when you have a young baby and all you want to do is play with them when they are awake (and secretly, between you and me, when they are asleep too !)

So I am up at 11.23 creating a blog - why - cause I though it would be fun and I was right.

I must go, new stock to load on to our website so that of course I can make some $$$$

Well till next time ,
Good night
XX visit us today (or tonight)