Thursday, April 28, 2011

Daisy Goes Out - Fashion for Girls

I love getting dressed up. So does Mummy and she doesn't make me wait for special occasions to wear my special outfits.

Take the weekend for example.

Mum decided it was a perfect day for a walk to the beach. The weather here has just started to turn a bit chilly, so I couldn't wear my usual onesie.

But I didn't mind - I got to wear my new Machiko Baby outfit! Yay!

The Sooki Baby white, long sleeved tee is so fun, with the cutest little girl on the front. She's got teacups balancing on her head! I wonder if I could do that? She paired the tee with my new favourite black pants - they've got a Frilly Tush! Love!

Mum wanted me to wear a headband which I wasn't thought might have been a bit OTT.

I smiled for the camera

but once we got outside I ditched it.

Less is more you know Mum!

We then made our way to the beach. By the time we got there, it had warmed up a little so we stayed out of the sun.

It was time for Mummy's morning coffee. See how happy I am?

That's because Mum's happy because she's had her caffeine hit! I'm happy because I'm the most stylin' baby at the beach café! Can't wait to see what we do and what we wear next weekend.