Thursday, November 11, 2010

Guest Bloggers Wanted

We are looking for guest bloggers.
Do you have the gift of the written gab?

We will provide you a gorgeous piece of Machiko Kids clothing/shoes/or other of our choice free of charge (and you get to keep it) if you write up to 100 words for us and post at least 2 pictures of the product in action (pictures will be displayed publicly and you must agree to us using them at or discretion)
Comment below on a product you love in our store and we will take it from there.

Our decision is final on the selected guest bloggers.

Please also tell us boy or girl and age up to 7.


  1. My daughter Julia is turning 4 very soon. She would look gorgeous in your Peacock Hooded Knit Dress by Ellie B & Bodean. Little girls look so sweet in beautiful dresses and she looks sensational in dark pink. I love this dress because it's just a little bit different with the gorgeous lined hood. I'm not a wonderful writer, but I have fun on my own blog - please visit me and see what you think! ~ Christine

  2. I am a blogger ( where I blog about what I have be buying for my girls.
    I have a 3 year old, 17 month old and 3 month old. I look for clothes that will last and preferably not to much pink as after 3 girls you get a bit sick of pink lol.
    I LOVE the rope tie dress by Fresh Baked. Can't decided which I like more between the yellow and the stripe. The stripe would be nice for all 3 of mine but the yellow would look great on my eldest with her dark hair.
    You've got a great range of clothes.

  3. I would be happy to blog for you, I write about anything really, not limited to just clothing lol.
    Check out my blog at
    I have 2 boys aged 2 and 4 and I would be happy for you send send anything of your choice :)

  4. Hey Christine,
    Please PM me on Facebook - Melinda Smylie so that I can get some more details

  5. I'd love to involved, and you could choose between three boys - 4 years old, 3 years old and just turned one. I have my own blog where I write about lovely things for children, so it'd be great to have an opportunity to work with you.